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Continue to take the daily challenge with me, in becoming a passionate visionary, who is determined to leave a legacy for themselves, by adopting unwavering life values, and serving others in an area of gifting led by God. 

Jul 7, 2021

Square of Truth’s President, Chris Logan, MBA has been an athlete for over 15 years and was a boxer for 6 years. Upon retirement from boxing, Chris continued to provide personal training and self-defense skills for athletes and individuals of all ages, skill levels, and walks of life. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Management with a minor in Psychology from Winston-Salem State University in 2013 and with a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from High Point University in 2018.

He is a dynamic and cross-cultural leader who is passionate about blending his business acumen and passion for health and wellness into Square of Truth, LLC initiatives. His professional experience draws from previous employment in the automotive service, logistics, marketing, and non-profit industries. When the lights come on and it’s time to perform, Chris ensures that his clients have the means to excel and adapt with confidence and precision.

Social Media Handles:

Twitter- @squareoftruth