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Continue to take the daily challenge with me, in becoming a passionate visionary, who is determined to leave a legacy for themselves, by adopting unwavering life values, and serving others in an area of gifting led by God. 

Oct 22, 2020

Mary Fran Bontempo is an award-winning 2-time TEDx speaker, author, humorist and media host who teaches audiences to uncover their brilliance and resilience 15 minutes at a time. A sought-after presenter for corporate and association events, Mary Fran is author of The 15 Minute Master and co-founder of Brilliantly Resilient.

Mary Fran proves small changes can create life-altering transformations, allowing individuals to be positive and successful in a rapidly changing world. A columnist for numerous websites, Mary Fran created a life-affirming brand of wisdom and wit after meeting the challenge of her son’s heroin addiction.

A frequent media guest and speaker, audiences of all ages delight in her empowering and entertaining message.

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