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Continue to take the daily challenge with me, in becoming a passionate visionary, who is determined to leave a legacy for themselves, by adopting unwavering life values, and serving others in an area of gifting led by God. 

Oct 14, 2020

Freddy founded The Love No Ego Group in 2016. In 2018, it became a 501c3 Nonprofit, The Love No Ego Foundation.

His LoveNoEgo philosophy serve as the foundation for pushing the human spirit into greatness. He delivers powerful and relevant keynote presentations, mentors, and conduct workshops for students and student-athletes around the world.

Freddy utilizes his principles of Love Over Ego, Love Over Fear, and Communication Over Conflict to enable the youth to excel beyond their everyday pressures. His approach improves their overall awareness, promotes self-development, helps them to notice the ego, and gets them truly excited about living life!

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Instagram: @mrlovenoego

Facebook: @mrlovenoego