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Continue to take the daily challenge with me, in becoming a passionate visionary, who is determined to leave a legacy for themselves, by adopting unwavering life values, and serving others in an area of gifting led by God. 

Oct 7, 2020

Growing up in Queens, NY with six siblings in a single parent home, Lemar learned to be a vocal speaker early in life. Growing up, his passion was geared toward the music industry but it was obvious God had other plans for him. Losing his best friend to cancer and witnessing his childhood friends make various bad life choices, he developed a love in empowering people to be the best image of themselves. 

Obtaining a degree in Criminal Justice and Business Writing, and working in Customer Service and Sales in Corporate America for over 15 years, he welcomed the need in serving the public in a positive way.  Realizing he wanted to be a part of the solution and not the problem, Lemar started speaking to the youth to uplift, motivate and promote healthy lifestyle changes.  Creating numerous motivating videos on YouTube, Instagram and guests appearances on numerous podcasts, he is no stranger to reaching out to the public not only through the social media world but also in schools and corporate events.

Through successful mentoring Lemar started educating, uplifting and motivating students and adults to reach their full potential through personal development. His personal, professional and educational background gives him the skills to not only be a great sales person but to also motivate people from all walks in life. Lemar offer guidance to build up confidence, promote awareness and to motivate.

He offers services in consulting current and past students in finances, personal growth and relationship development.  He has the keys to living a fulfilled life, professionally as well as personally.

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